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Detect - Automação Industrial

Laser Marking System


The Detect offers a wide range of laser labels, which satisfies the most demanding applications in laser marking, since fiber series, DPSS, CO2 among others ..

 Markers Laser engraving, alphanumeric text, serial, datamatrix, barcode, QR Code, logos and graphics on a variety of surfaces, such as metal, plastic, ceramic artifacts, electronic components, plastic containers, either in static mode , or dynamic

om own laboratory and partner of Datalogic, today Detect is one of the companies with the best cost benefit under Recording Systems and Laser Marking.

 With experience in various applications and Detect provides, develops and deploys laser engraving systems for the most diverse applications and industrial segments.

The Detect provides TurnKey solutions ie, hardware, mechanical, electrical, programming and start-up. 


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